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If you are a Jobads1.com client, you already know how easy it is to place your Jobads1.com job posting in the entire spectrum of print media. With just a click of the mouse, you can add the power of newspaper, trade publication, and magazine exposure to increase the audience for your message. Our fast, professional Ad-Visors will immediately be available with any help that you may require.

"Print Only" advertisers do not need to be Jobads1.com members, but we recommend that you consider becoming one in order to cover all bases in the recruitment marketplace. A per ad insertion on Jobads1.com is only for A FULL 30 DAYS. If you place a large amount of ads annually, you might opt for a one year membership or one of our other memberships, these entitle you to UNLIMITED postings and resume database searches.

For first time visitors to our site, we would like to show you how easy it is to take advantage of these options. Just click on the button below to begin your print ad or the "Become a Member" button at the lower left of the page, then scroll down to see "User Agreement" and/or "Learn About Membership Levels" for costs.

1. To post a job vacancy to the Jobads1.com site, go to the sign-in area and log on. (Membership required.)

2. You can now post your ad to Jobads1.com, search the resume database or any other facility included in the membership.

3. Once your ad is posted, you will then be asked if you want to take advantage of the option of having your ad also appear in print.

4. Our service department will advise you of all the local, national and international print publications that are available. If requested, we will suggest the most appropriate media and will be happy to provide you with a price quote for the space.

5. If you would like assistance with the writing of a simple in-column text ad, or a graphically enhanced display ad, we are also at your service.

6. We will also ensure that you get the absolutely lowest price for the media you choose, and ensure the timely placement of your ad.

In short, we can do it all.

Jobads1.com also provides our unique CyberScreenSurvey, which can also be used by any job applicant or present employee. As an employer, this can assist in candidate selection by helping you discover hidden qualities of current or future employees, not always apparent in the interviewing process or the daily work routine.

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